AIDA Instructor Internship

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AIDA Instructor Internship

Whether training from beginner to instructor or training from 4 star to Instructor, we can run an internship for you to train right through to Instructor level.

The basic price for the AIDA Instructor Internship is the individual prices of all of the AIDA Courses required, so

    • 230 euro for AIDA One Star
    • 260 for AIDA Two Stars
    • 320 for AIDA Three Stars
    • 900 euro for your Instructor Course

We would then in the way of a discount offer you further training during your time with us, allowing you to assist on other courses that we have going on at the time, free of charge. If we have no courses running then we go out for one session a day to train for yourself and would just ask you to pay 10 euro per session (instead of 35 euro).

We are very flexible on a weekly training schedule based on what other courses we have running at the time, but we try to base it on at least three days in the water and then 1 day of rest, as standard.

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Freediving AIDA Instructor Internship
AIDA Instructor Internship in Dahab

Blue Ocean Freedivers Dahab

About Us:

Established in 2009, by Brian Crossland (AIDA Instructor Trainer) Blue Ocean Freedivers offers first rate facilities for both open water freediving and pool training.

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