Freediving Courses in Dahab

Blue Ocean Freedivers is a school that aims to promote freediving through courses, training sessions and competitions. We operate all our courses for freedivers who want that personal touch.

We garanty freediving courses run with a maximum of four students to one instructor, with courses available on a one to one basis for only a 20% course premium.

Here in Dahab, we offer freediving courses at all levels certifying student according to the standards of AIDA, probably the most known freediving organization.

We also offer training sessions and personal coaching days, for already certified freedivers who want to improve their techniques, overcoming those physical and/or mental obstacles that had blocked their progression. Always tailored them to your personal needs.

Blue Ocean Freediving Courses

Blue Ocean Freedivers Dahab

About Us:

Established in 2009, by Brian Crossland (AIDA Instructor Trainer) Blue Ocean Freedivers offers first rate facilities for both open water freediving and pool training.

Contact Us

Dahab, Sinai - Egypt
Phone: + 20 102 3062 346
Phone: + 20 101 3066 871

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