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AIDA freediving instructor course

Freediving Instructor


Freediving Instructor


If you have your AIDA 4* qualification, or equivalent and you want to have the skills to pass the beauty of freediving on to other people… the AIDA Instructor course is just what you are looking for.


This is an intensive 12 day course that will help you develop your potential to be able to teach freediving to other students independently.

Through 9 classroom sessions, 2 confined and 5 open water sessions we will give you all of the training tools that you will need to enable you to run your own 1,2 & 3 AIDA Freediving courses.

You will require an EFR (Emergency First Responder) qualification (or equivalent) valid within the last two years, prior to starting this course.

  • 12 days course
  • € 1150


Up to four weeks long Instructor Internship Program

At Blue Ocean Freedivers we run the 7day AIDA Instructor Course over 12 days. It is a very good course, but it is still missing out on something – TIME.

Time to improve your own freediving, time to practice the extra skills like dynamic no fins, or variable weight, time to practice on real students (still fully supervised by me at all times) time to get ready to actually instruct real students for yourself, on your own, without anyone sat next to you. So we decided to offer internships of up to four weeks long, where we make time to do some of these things.



We are very flexible on a weekly training schedule, subject to incoming bookings, but we do try to base it on three days in the water and then 1 day of rest, as a standard. This allows you to rest and get the best out of each session.

Extra Training

Extra Training

The Freediving Instructor Internship also include extra theory that is over and above the AIDA requirements. This includes two sessions practicing with underwater scooters (SUEX XJOY 14), sessions making a neck weight and lanyard as well as instruction on rope marking and equipment for deep freediving and meditation sessions.

Freediving equipment


It is expected that as instructor trainee your have all your own diving equipment. So in the price of the course it is only included the use of the freediving buoys, ropes, bottom weights and weights for you.



The same that for the normal AIDA Instructor Course, but added the additional costs associated with the cost of transport to the Blue Hole, dive center and equipment use. So if you are the only student doing the course, we charge € 10 per additional session to cover these costs. We do not charge you to help out with other courses that we may have running at the time.

For more information on out instructor internship just drop us a line at