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Blue Ocean Freediving base in Dahab

Freediving Base


Freediving Bases in Dahab

We have not 1, not 2 but 3 bases in Dahab! And during your time with us you will probably visit all three.

For the confined, theory and yoga we are based in our home dive centre with the pool and Arisha. It most definitely has the wow factor for most people when they first arrive!

We also have a base in the bay in Dahab and obviously we need a base at the famous Blue Hole!

Brian and Catherine at Masbat Bay after a freediving session
Brian teaching at Blue Ocean Freedivers Home Base Dahab
Freediver with Monofin at Blue Ocean Freedivers Pool

Blue Ocean Freedivers Home Base

We have our own centre based in Asalah village in Dahab. This is where the fabulous pool is and where the Arisha (our classroom) is for all the theory parts of the course and for stretching lessons and yoga. We have our own kit for you to rent for the duration of your stay if you need. Showers facilities are also available.

H2O: Our Masbat Beach Base

In the bay in Dahab we are based out of H2O dive centre. This is in the centre of the Lighthouse Bay and we can literally walk straight into the sea from here. It also has a great space for the stretching and relaxation prior to your dives.

Masbat Bay
Blue Hole Dahab

Blue Ocean Freedivers at Blue Hole

We also have a base at the Blue Hole, where you can relax and chill prior to the diving and have a nice lunch after the dives. Again our centre is based straight in front of the famous Blue Hole, so we walk straight into the sea from here.

Blue Freediver

New in the water?

With AIDA 1 & 2 you will discover the freediving world and learn all the basic knowledge and skills of this wonderful sport.

Blue Freediver


We offer training sessions and personal coaching days to help you improve your technique or overcome any physical/mental obstacles that its blocking your progression.


We also can organize packages to include courses/ personalized training sessions with accommodation (hotels/villas/camps) & transfers.

Blue Freediver


Make a living from your passion. Became an freediving instructor joining either the AIDA instructor course or our special Blue Ocean Freediviers' internship

Blue Ocean Freedivers Pool
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