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AIDA courses with Blue Ocean Freedivers Dahab

AIDA Courses


AIDA Courses in Dahab

with Blue Ocean Freedivers

Blue Ocean Freedivers is a school that aims to promote freediving through courses, training sessions and competitions. We operate all our courses for freedivers who want that personal touch.

Here in Dahab, we offer freediving courses at all levels certifying student according to the standards of AIDA, probably the most known freediving organization.

We guarantee freediving courses run with a maximum of four students to one instructor, with courses available on a one to one basis for only a 20% course premium.

We also offer training sessions and personal coaching days, for already certified freedivers who want to improve their techniques, overcoming those physical and/or mental obstacles that had blocked their progression. Always tailored them to your personal needs.

Are you ready to freedive

Are You ready to Freedive?

To learn to freedive you just need to feel comfortable in the water, and be able to swim. And dont forget to bring your swimming suit and your towel, we will take care of the rest!

New Freediver

New in the Water

To learn to freedive you can either start with a one day short introduction to diving (AIDA 1) or directly with a beginner course (AIDA2). The choice is yours!

AIDA courses

Continue your education

We can help you in your progression continuing your education through the next levels of the AIDA system and also though special training sessions and personal coaching days.



Introduction to Freediving

Designed to give you a taste of freediving. Find out what Freediving is really about. The course concentrates on the physiological side of why we breath the way that we do for the diving and the effects of depth and pressure.

The course includes one confined and one open water session.

  • 1 day course
  • € 100
  • all equipment



Designed to give you a overview freediving. The course looks at the theory behind freediving, teaches you the safety aspects of Freediving and introduces you to 4 disciplines, Static, Dynamic, FIM, and CW.

The course includes two confined and three open water sessions.

  • 2.5 day course
  • € 280
  • all equipment


Advanced Freediver

Designed to continue your freediving education from the 2* level, whilst allowing you to gain experience in the two water sessions each day.

Again each day is split into two class room sessions and two water sessions. The course includes two confined and four open water sessions.

  • 4 days course
  • € 350
  • all equipment


Master Freediver

Designed to develop your freediving in both the theory and practical sides of freediving. The qualification will allow you to become an assistant instructor, allowing you to assist a qualified instructor in running courses.

Three in depth theory sessions are combined with two confined and four open water sessions to help you develop to the next level of freediving.

You will require an EFR (Emergency First Responder) qualification (or equivalent) valid within the last two years, prior to starting this course. If you don’t have this we can organize for you to complete this course.

  • 4 days course
  • € 450
  • all equipment
Blue Freediver

New in the water?

With AIDA 1 & 2 you will discover the freediving world and learn all the basic knowledge and skills of this wonderful sport.

Blue Freediver


We offer training sessions and personal coaching days to help you improve your technique or overcome any physical/mental obstacles that its blocking your progression.

Blue Freediver


Make a living from your passion. Became an freediving instructor joining either the AIDA instructor course or our special Blue Ocean Freediviers' internship

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